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Quickly integrate payment gateway with merchant websites and enable fast deposit of payments to the merchant account.

Take payment simply throughout the world

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  • Payment page

    Get a fully customizable company branded payment page in a short amount of time.
  • Anti-fraud system

    Our anti-fraud system based on the latest AI and machine learning systems and cutting-edge defender method.
  • Real time Analytics

    Real-time reports and analytics with a single click, analyze your transactions, refunds, and chargeback rates.
  • High level security

    3D Secure measure guarantees safety for each transaction that has been made.
  • Functional Back Office

    Track your activities with a fully customizable and powerful backoffice.
  • Weekly reports

    Get financial reports on a weekly basis through customizable dashboard.
  • Easy & customizable

    The market's most functional and customized merchant back office. Display and export the data you want in the way you desire.
  • Simple integration

    Seamless integration with your website. Our API allows you to integrate payment page in short period of time, yet fully documented for developers!
  • DSS PCI level

    Payment interactions at the server request level for PCI DSS companies by using your own payment page solutions.

Our rates and tariffs

Starting with only 2.5%, we offer the lowest rates on the market

Customer services

  • Advanced technical support availible 24/7
  • Integration with acquiring banks and payment service provider
  • Assistance in PCI DSS preparation

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